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Note: This mod requires Forge Mod Loader installer. Download the latest recommended version of Minecraft Forge to run this mod.

This mod provides a new ore and two new gem types along with relevant recipes for Minecraft. The recipes include uses for SQUID INK SAC, BLAZE RODS, and WITHER SKULL.



The squid ink sac is used in combination with standard diamonds and emeralds to craft the Black Diamerald gemstone.


Blaze rods are incorporated into Black Diamerald gem recipes for Black Diamerald sword and Black Diamerald pickaxe. The blaze rod is also incorporated into the Diamerald recipe for the Diamerald bow.


The wither skull may be used along with the BLACK DIAMERALD to craft the new Black Diamerald Sword and Black Diamerald pickaxe.

Also, if used with the Industrial Craft 2 expansion, the wither skull may be placed in the compressor to craft a Black Diamerald.Recipes

Diamerald Gem

Diamerald Dust (IC2)

Rough Diamerald Gem

Diamerald Pickaxe

Diamerald Hoe

Diamerald Axe

Diamerald Sword

Diamerald Bow

Diamerald Helmet

Diamerald Plate

Diamerald Legs

Diamerald Boots

Rough Black Diamerald Gem

Black Diamerald (IC2)

Black Diamerald Pickaxe

Black Diamerald Sword

Black Diamerald Helmet