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Note: This mod requires Forge Mod Loader installer. Download the latest recommended version of Minecraft Forge to run this mod.

This mod provides a hot dog food item for Minecraft. The recipes are relatively simple, including uses for ROTTEN FLESH, BREAD, FLOWER RED, FLOWER YELLOW, and CACTUS GREEN.



In addition to adding value to rotten flesh and other items, the food values for the hot dogs were designed to be individually LESS than the cooked versions of the various meats but collectively of MORE value to make it worth it for the player to make the hot dogs.

For example, the ingredient raw meats beef, pork, and chicken have a total cooked food value of 11 = 4 + 4 + 3 (rotten flesh adds 4 temporarily), but crafting them with rotten flesh and cooking them produces 4 COOKED FRANKS with a total food value of 12 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 3.


Another added value is that combining the COOKED FRANKS with BREAD produces 2 HOT DOGS worth 3 food each. Separately, bread and a cooked frank would total 5.5 food, but combined they provide 6 food.


One more added benefit is that adding one of KETCHUP (red dye), MUSTARD (yellow dye), or RELISH (cactus green) to a HOT DOG will add 0.5 more to the food benefit of the HOT DOG.


Raw Frank

Cooked Frank

Hot Dog

Ketchup Hot Dog

Mustard Hot Dog

Relish Hot Dog